Scholarship | Baton Rouge, LA Doula & Birth Photographer

I  am so humbled to announce that I have received a Carly Marie Scholarship to​ for bereavement doula training.  I pray it is a training I never have to rely on, unfortunately in reality, I will have to at some point. Thank you so much to StillBirthDay for allowing me this scholarship to further my knowledge and help families in their journies.  Hopefully by the end of March I will be able to call myself a credentialed StillBirthDay Doula.




What does the StillBirthDay course provide me?  Starting in January, I will begin an 8 week intensive online classroom program where I will gain a better understanding of pregnancy, birth, birth emergencies and pregnancy and infant loss. Topics will include:

  • detailed physical process of conception, gestation, birth and breastfeeding
  • emotional, spiritual and cultural perspectives of birth
  • medically assisted conception and other paths to parenthood
  • bonding during pregnancy
  • the importance of dad
  • emotional, spiritual, and cultural perspectives of pregnancy and infant loss
  • differences and similarities of birth in any trimester
  • medical support during birth: benefits, risks, ways to limit, ways to work with
  • natural approaches and alternatives to common concerns, ailments or issues in pregnancy or birth
  • keepsakes and practical support prior to, during and immediately after pregnancy or infant loss
  • navigating the NICU: the physical and emotional experiences
  • professional bereavement support
  • including loved ones in birth and in bereavement support
  • adult and infant CPR training
  • adoption support
  • setting up your business as a doula / integrating knowledge gained into already established professional role

To learn more about StillBirthDay and what it can do for you on a personal and professional level, visit