Silas Lee | Baton Rouge, LA Doula & Birth Photographer

I met Rebecca and Justin in February for a doula consult. ¬†We had a wonderful meeting and shortly after they hired me as their doula, I was so excited to work with them!! We started our prenatals in June and I always looked forward to spending time with their sweet fur babies, especially Mr. Rufus, their year old pit bull ūüėČ ¬†Rebecca’s water broke in the middle of the night, but she wasn’t experiencing contractions, so she decided to hang around the house to at least get more rest, eat breakfast, and take a shower. ¬†I meet her and Justin at the hospital about mid morning and we hung around attempting to get contractions to pick up and resting (early labor, even with broken membranes, can take a while, rest is important!). ¬†Finally, by about 8:00 that night, things starting to kick into gear. ¬†A little pumping and speed walking the halls… hello active labor!! ¬†Once Rebecca’s contractions got going, she was holding sweet Silas in her arms in about 5 hours. ¬†Rebecca was¬†so strong through transition and¬†¬†bringing her baby earthside!!

A few days later, I went back for my usual follow up with all clients and was able to capture Silas’ Fresh48 session too. ¬†Rebecca didn’t want to be in the images, but little Silas had different plans. ¬†He was¬†not letting go of his mama.














The birth mom has, the birth dad is a part of, and the birth I witness will always be a different story. ¬†Before any stories are shared from my perspective as their¬†doula, the client and I have discussed their birth and are requested by the client when¬†they are ready. ¬†Clients always share their story first before I share from my experience. ¬†It is important to not alter a woman’s perspective of her¬†birth.¬†¬†All clients see their blog post for approval prior to public posting.