Recognizing, Treating, and Coping with PPMD | Baton Rouge, LA Doula & Birth Photographer

As you may have seen in the news recently, actress Hayden Panettiere, voluntarily checked herself into a facility to receive help with a Postpartum Mood Disorder (PPMD).  I use PPMD because nothing I have read or seen has confirmed exactly what she is being treated for, which is no one’s business but hers.  PPMD’s can include:

  •  The Baby Blues
  • Postpartum Depression
  • Postpartum Anxiety Disorders
    • Postpartum Panic Disorder
    • Postpartum Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
  • Postpartum Psychosis

We have so many wonderful physicians that know how to diagnose, but have no idea what to do with their patients with treatment. Or we have physicians that have no idea what PPMD’s (postpartum mood disorders)  look like and intervene with extremes making mothers not want to seek treatment or follow up.

We need more training for providers on how to treat! I see time and time again, clients getting prescribed medications without evaluations or in depth follow ups and referrals to therapy. Treatment is vital, not only for the current experience, but to lessen the risk for future experiences.

So what are some good steps in addressing PPMD’s?

  • Baby blues start around day 3 and last about 7-10, anything beyond that should be looked at closer
  • Assess and evaluate your overall mood and behaviors.  Also have your partner and family assess.
  • Make an appointment with your provider, do not accept a called in prescription.  Ask your provider what their experience is with PPMD’s
  • Ask for a referal or reccomendation to a counselor