More About Jen! | Baton Rouge, LA Doula & Birth Photographer

wakefield+family+watermarked_--2705857119-HMeet Doula Jen page, I am a mommy to three beautiful children, two boys that are best of friends and our one and only little lady.  We recently relocated from Prescott, AZ to the Baton Rouge, LA area so my husband could accept a job as a helicopter flight instructor with a local school.  We have never visited the area or even the state, but we are SO excited!!

I myself  have had quite the journey to get where I am today.  I started off as a birth photographer, I loved it, but felt disconnected from my clients.  I had all this information and knowledge  I had gathered over the years for my own pregnancies and births to share, but couldn’t because of the role I was hired on to do.  Photographer, fly on the wall.  So, I decided I’d go for my certification with DONA International.  To be a doula, you do not need certification; certified and uncertified doulas typically charge the same amount as well.  So why go that route, spend all that time, and  pay to become certified?    Because I like the standards of practice DONA upholds their doulas to.  DONA is also well respected in hospitals, some preferring only DONA doulas,  and a few universities even strongly suggest their nursing students to attend a DONA workshop.

I have always known I’ve wanted to help others in my community, women and pregnant teens in general, but I wasn’t sure in what capacity.  It wasn’t until I started having my children and doing self research that it all started coming together.  I felt I was being called to help women and teens through their pregnancies, labor/delivery, and postpartum as a support person.

Four births later, I’ve experienced:

  • Teen pregnancy
  • Adoption
  • Postpartum depression and postpartum thyroiditis
  • Bed rest
  • Unnecessary induction followed by a c-section
  • VBAC with an epidural
  • Two unmediated VBAC’s
  • “Pushy” OB’s and amazing OB’s
  • Local hospital deliveries and  delivery at a hospital 2-hours away
  • Have had doula care twice, one of those also acting as a midwife
  • Breastfeeding and bottle feeding
  • Circumcision and intact
  • Mastitis, pumping issues, and OAL

I don’t know it all, but as with anything, being a doula is constant education.  I know  I am most comfortable in a hospital having a natural birth, but I know that it is not everyone’s desire or where they will feel their safest, and my ultimate goal is for my clients to feel safe in the birth environment of their choice.  I have a fairly balanced view on birth, not having an opinion that sways one way or the other too much.

I will always provide unbiased, evidence based information to my clients to help them make decisions right for their birth and their family, as it is not my place to make those decisions.