Family Centered C-Sections | Baton Rouge, LA Doula & Placenta Encapsulation

DSC_0078_0077wAre you having a c-section, a repeat c-section or researching c-sections for your birth plan in the SLIM chance you may need one during your birth? Check out this video on natural c-sections,  have you ever heard of them?!? I’ve also heard them be refereed to as family centered c-sections.

If you are interested in having a family centered c-section, ASK!  Talk with your provider about natural c-sections, having a good experience is all about communication.  Have they heard of them before?  Does the hospital they deliver at allow or practice this method of delivery?  Are they open to researching it themselves or reading documents/studies you bring in? Call the administration offices for labor/delivery and  anesthesia to see if you can make an appointment to speak with them about natural c-sections.  They may have never heard of a natural or family centered c-section, but approached in a nice manner, they may be open to it!

Remember to be kind and courteous, you attract more bees with honey 😉