What a Cesarean Birth Looks Like

What a Cesarean Birth Looks Like

In the  light of the  recent story of a supposed birth photographer making harsh statements to a mother with a scheduled cesarean, I wanted to share what cesarean birth can looks like.  Whether you were able to chose your birth, or it was decided due to medical necessity, know you will never have a difficult time finding a professional photographer willing support your birth choices or refuse to attend your cesarean birth.

it is lighthearted


it is happy



it is supported


it is family centered



it is anticipation





it is BIRTH!




it is JOY





it is tender


it is choices


it is LOVE


Sullivan Beau | Baton Rouge, LA Doula & Birth Photographer

Sullivan Beau | Baton Rouge, LA Doula & Birth Photographer


Kate and I are in a few local Facebook mom groups, we have mutual  friends, and in late October we started discussing different services I offer.   Long story short, I found myself at her scheduled cesarean birth on December 3, 2015.  Kate had expressed being nervous throughout our messages and conversations, but when I walked into that labor and delivery room that morning, I saw joy and excitement! Read More! >>


2015 Recap! | Baton Rouge, LA Doula & Birth Photographer

2015 Recap! | Baton Rouge, LA Doula & Birth Photographer


Whoa!  What a year 2015 has been for me.  It brought me into some amazing people’s lives allowing me to complete 12  Doula Births –  7 girls 5 boys, 6 Birth Stories, 10 Fresh48/Newborn Sessions, and 56 Placentas!!

I’m a solo doula/business owner, and I’d say this was my 2 year, make or break mark with my doula and doula related services. What does that mean?  On average, most doulas do not continue past 2 years.  Either it wasn’t what they expected, realize they pay does not compare to the workload, or they find they do not have the time to commit with personal family life.  


The start of 2015 was the end of my certification phase and the beginning of what I feel my “real” work began.  I was no longer a trying to accomplish that initial goal of becoming certified, I was certified.  This was it, I was the expert.

I grew exponentially as a doula, a business, and now venturing into being a mentor, not something I had ever envisioned doing.  Not only did I complete my  DONA, International certification, but I also obtained my  APPA certification for placenta encapsulation.


Photography made a comeback appearance this year as well, the thing that started this whole mess 6 years ago ;), and I’ve fallen right back in love with it.  When I am behind the camera, I see my environment in a completely different manner.  I instantly become a documentarian and remove myself from the storyline.  While I keep the same on-call schedule as I do with my birth clients, it is a completely different experience for me. 

Cesarean Birth

I’ve had the opportunity to make many new professional connections this year in my local birth community, as well as worldwide.  I am so grateful for every single one of them!

 2015 also brought some pretty amazing clients, all with such different and wonderful births. First time moms and VBAC’s;  planned  and unexpected cesarean births;  medicated and unmedicated births.  I was witness to them all, and they were all beautiful.

I expanded my knowledge through several workshops and courses this year, one being a very fun and interactive SpinningBabies workshop with Tammy Ryan… we had SIX of our local OB’s attened… SIX!  We had such a fantastic group of providers and birth professionals from around the state.  Doulas, midwives, nurses, OB’s, chiropractors, massage therapists… it was great!


I received a scholarship to StillBirthDay.com University, and starting next week, I’ll be starting their intense 12 week program. It’s never something we think of when we start this work, but it is our reality and we must know how to be there for our clients in the best way possible.

There have been highs and lows, sleep deprivation, happiness and sadness, doubt and certainty. I wouldn’t change it for the world.  It was an amazing year and I hope 2016 brings me more challenges and growth!

Some things you can expect  the first half of the year in 2016!

I hope you all had a fantastic 2015 as well!!

Happy New Year!!



Heads Up: The Disappearing Art of Vaginal Breech Delivery

Heads Up: The Disappearing Art of Vaginal Breech Delivery

This thought provoking film is one everyone should watch, not just pregnant mothers, but everyone.  We have to ask ourselves, why are physicians not being no longer doing breech delivery?  What is going on that is making  physicians afraid to perform breech delivery?  Fear of colleagues?   Fear of insurance companies pulling their malpractice coverage?  Or were they just never taught how to deliver breech?

When the doctors that are willing to deliver breech babies start to retire, what is going to happen to the future of our species micro-biome if we continue to slice every time a provider isn’t comfortable with a variation of normal and gives their client a skewed informed consent*?  What is your doctor’s stance on breech delivery? And yes, I’m fired up about this.

I support every woman’s choice in the birth they choose, I do not support providers skewing information to benefit themselves. 

A breech baby is born nearly every four minutes in the United States. Until the year 2000, a woman could opt to birth her breech baby vaginally or via surgery. Then, in 2001, a study came out that took away one of those options. The study was later found to be faulty, but the damage was already done–vaginal breech birth was almost completely eliminated from medical school training and from delivery rooms.

Heads Up features several women confronted with the disappearance of this option for their breech babies. Among others, actress Morena Baccarin and holistic living personality Kimberly Van Der Beek struggle to find providers who will attend them in a vaginal breech birth–all under the pressure of their imminent due dates. Through their personal accounts and the perspectives of medical professionals, Heads Up explores this widely misunderstood subject and the need to restore this lost art and lost option.  — informedpregnancy.com



The way you birth is your choice.  It’s your right.  Do not allow a physician to take that away.   Research your options so that you can make informed decisions and consents based on evidence based information.


Providers in the South Louisiana area open to discussing and possibly delivering  vaginal breech


Home births.  Breech births.  May not be for everyone.  But informed decision making is. — Kimberly Van Der Beek

Film by Los Angeles chiropractor Dr. Elliot Berlin

* Dr. Stu Fischbein

SpinningBabies!! | Baton Rouge, LA Doula & Birth Photographer

SpinningBabies!! | Baton Rouge, LA Doula & Birth Photographer

Recently, I had the pleasure of hosting and attending a SpinningBabies workshop with Tammy Ryan, the same trainer that held my DONA training in 2013. We had a wonderful turnout with doulas, midwives, childbirth educators, chiropractors,  a lovely nurse from Touro in New Orleans, and SIX OB’s from Associates in Women’s Health!  We all had a wonderful day of learning how SpinningBabies movement and techniques can work before and during labor.   If you have an opportunity to host or attend a workshop in your area, DO IT!  Sure, you can get the information online but attending, practicing, and connecting with others is so much better.

Thank you for all that attended and made it such a wonderful day!!

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09wBelly Mapping

14wRebozo Sifting 

18wForward Leaning Inversion 



27wSidelying Release


35wShake the apple tree






44wStanding Sacral Release


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Haven Ella  | Baton Rouge, LA Birth Doula and Photographer

Haven Ella | Baton Rouge, LA Birth Doula and Photographer

I was contacted in December 2014 by Kim. She was looking for a birth doula to support her and her husband through their birth experience, and a photographer to document it. We met at a local coffee shop and hit it off.  It fills my heart with joy knowing that they trusted me to be a part of their birth team.


The Birth of Haven Ella from Jennifer Wakefield on Vimeo.