Are you interested in having all the benefits of a doula, but do not feel you need a doula to attend your birth?  This is the option for you!  

Birth Planning and Comfort Measures consultation visits for those without the need of a doula.  Enjoy the perks of what a birth client would receive, but enjoy your birth with just your family and friends.

Childbirth Education + Birth Prep

Chose from one of three options!
1)  One-on-One Study $350
2)  Groups of 3 couples or more, $175 per couple
3)  Choose your class $69 per class, 2 minimum

Enjoy a 5-week one-on-one childbirth education class in your home on your schedule.

We will cover topics such as:

Thinking Ahead in Childbirth
Adjusting to Parenting
Understanding  Childbirth – Stages of labor
Birth Planning
Comfort Measures and Labor Positioning
Basic Newborn Care
Postpartum Planning

Birth Plan Assistance 

Birth Options
Sample Birth Plans
Email support from hire date
One in-person or online video visit to discuss desires in birth

Comfort Measures Visit

Receive one-on-one instruction in a 2.5 hr  visit,  where Jen will share comfort measures and relaxation techniques with and without the use of a rebozo with your partner.

Have other friends/couples interested?  3 or more couples, reduces the cost to $75 each!

Prenatal Doula

2-3 prenatal visits, more if time permits
One OB/midwife appt if needed
24/7 phone and email support from hire date
One in-hospital visit after baby has arrived
One postnatal visit at your home