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My bag seems small.  I know. Some doula’s like to bring everything AND the kitchen sink to births, but like to keep my bag simple.   Why?  I believe mom has the ability to get through labor on her own and/or with reminders and guidance from her support people.  We don’t need a bunch of tricks and tools to help mom, BUT the few items I do bring can help relieve the strain on myself and mom’s partner/support team so we can be present for her.  I bring items that allows us to make our job easier.  I know that sounds selfish.  But really!  Try doing a double-hip squeeze for just 30-seconds… it can be brutal!   Why strain ourselves when we can bring mom relief AND not tire ourselves out?

In the green tote, I carry my personal items.  Change of clothes, brush, toothbrush/paste, hair ties and headbands, daily meds/vitamins, etc.

My backpack, aka doula bag, contains the items listed below.  I also bring, but leave in my car, two birth balls (65 cm & 75 cm) along with my peanut ball.   Most of the time I don’t need them since most hospitals keep them handy, but for those ‘in-case’ moments or if I’m meeting clients at home.



1. Hair clips & ties –  If mom forgot or needs an extra one
2. Bendy straws – so much easier to drink from than a straight straw
3. Flame-less candles – creates ambiance without having to use flames (hospitals frown against that)
4. Hand-held fan w/extra batteries – it gets warm!
5. High protein snacks – snacks to keep my energy up
6. Business cards – You never know who you may run into on a labor/delivery floor 😉
7. Hospital ID – for one local hospital, allows doulas access through some doors and to not be counted as a support person, including assessment/triage.
8. Phone charger – have you ever seen how quickly an iPhone dies??
9. Ice bag – for mom
10. Massage tools  – great ways to provide comfort to mom while relieving tension on our hands
11. Ball pump – for my own as well as the hospital balls.  Don’t want to have to wait on staff
12. Rebozo’s – do I really need to explain these wonderful items?? genakirby.com
13. Reusable water bottle – I don’t drink much, but do need some hydration!
14. Eye glasses case
15. Client paperwork – I place all birth plans and DONA paperwork into my bag with any clients due within the same time frame as well as any clients I’m serving back-up to
16. Notepad – I take timeline notes in this instead of pulling out sheets of paper each time
17. Honey Sticks – nice calorie but still a ‘clear liquid’
18. Birth Partner Book – nice reference for my clients
19. Peanut ball – When mom needs to rest or is unable to move around


My bag since this post, has turned into mostly food for me, extra sets of clothes, and rebozos.


  1. The is is so true. When I was newer, I thought I needed all this “stuff” for my foul a bag. The longer I do this work, the fewer things I actually use or need. Right now, most of what is in my bag is for me (food, change of clothes, gum…), not my client.

  2. Thanks so much for your great post. I am a doula in-training in Georgia and this is been a tremendous help in getting me started .

  3. Hi, where did you got your peanut ball? i only found plastic balls yours is like those? and is cover of fabric

    • Amazon! I made the cover myself 🙂


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