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Twin A breech vaginal birth, in a hospital.

That’s a phrase you rarely hear, but one local mother did exactly that!  She believed in herself, found a supportive provider that believed in her and breech birth, and she had her babies on her terms with informed consent.  As her doula and birth photographer, I was able to capture some amazing moments of Twin A being born.

It’s upsetting we don’t have more trained and experienced providers that can catch breech babies.  It’s upsetting that hospitals, administrators, and liability insurance companies have a hand in allowing providers to catch breech babies.  But this mother was not having any of that.  She was persistent and got the birth she wanted and knew she could have.

We typically read and are told “hands off!” with breech delivery.  I want to make a note that from what I observed as a doula and birth photographer, hands on baby with this birth was due to how quickly delivery went along with nothing but the floor beneath baby.  If there was any medical reason for hands on baby, I am unaware of it.

Daniel birth 1-1

Daniel birth 2-1

Daniel birth 31

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At this time we wish to not openly share the provider before speaking with them, only because this was such a long process met with many discussions and uncertainty amongst her providers. We don’t want to make it seem like this will happen with every scenario, give false hope, or lower the chances of another family having this option. Hopefully, we’ll get to a place with providers that this isn’t an issue!!


  1. Wow! What a capture!! 🙂 It’s so amazing to see and I’m glad more people will see it is possible!

  2. The problem is not someone being trained to catch a breech it is the liability one holds in what can happen to your baby if they become entrapped because they are breech. I.e. Brain damage. Big risk someone believing in you is not enough

    • That is exactly why she had a provider very experienced in delivering breech babies in and out of hospital settings! 🙂

    • Here in Canada c-section became the preferred method of delivery for breach in 2000. Then in 2009, the society of obstetricians realized the data comparing csection birth with vaginal breach delivery was no better and they have since reversed the c-section recommendation for breaches. Donna, so just look at facts instead of scary stories as data points to vaginal breaches having same risks as csection breach deliveries.

  3. Amazing! Can I share with our moms at MamAmor dolls? Thank you!

    • Absolutely!

  4. Hi, Jen.

    What a wonderful thing! I’m so glad this woman had the support she wanted.

    It’s obvious those attending the birth are doing so as sensitively as possible. However, when women birth upright, the moment of the baby to deliver the arms and head, if required, should be towards the maternal abdomen, just like when the woman is on her back. Movement straight back through the maternal legs allows the head to follow the sacral curve. This is what a panel of experienced practitioners recommended in this recent research – Standards for maternity care professionals attending planned upright breech births: A Delphi study ( “Moving infant’s body to mum’s body, so that infant’s body follows the curve of the woman’s sacrum.”

    Sorry to be pedantic! Skills are in a time of transition as we incorporate new upright methods into standard practice, with new strategies to facilitate them.

    If you would like to see a video of a simulated manoeuvre demonstrating using this movement to flex the head:

    And a birth video:

    Thanks again, to you, the mother and the team who were willing to do differently.

    (Midwife, Breech Researcher & Skills Teacher)

    • Thank you for the information! Mom was delivering so quickly, even if she wanted to get on her back, there was no time 🙂

      • Shawn was suggesting babies should be passed through to the maternal abdomen in order to follow the sacral curve. Not that the woman should have been on her back. Upright physiological breech all the way!

        • Yes! I realized that last night after reading it again! I was tired the first time and didn’t comprehend it.

  5. That is amazing. Women’s bodies are so much more capable then what people perceive. I am in awe so these pictures every time i see them. Thanks for capturing them and sharing! I, like the last commenter, hope that they are shared and bring knowledge and inspiration.

  6. Beautiful birth photos. Way to go to the momma and birth team!