Joshua Mark | Baton Rouge, LA Birth Photographer & Doula

The birth of Joshua was my first time attending a home birth as both a birth doula and birth photographer, and it was AMAZING!!

Britt called me in the early morning hours to let me know her water had broken and that she had already contacted her midwife.  I asked if they wanted me to head over, but they decided they would try to get a little more sleep.  Within an half hour, I received a second call asking me to come over to their home to be with them.   When I arrived, I found Britt laboring beautifully and her birth team had already set up her pool and had it filled with water.  I could see she was progressing nicely and asked if they had notified their midwife of her progress.  Three hours after my arrival to their home, I was privileged to witness Britt receive her beautiful (cheesy!!) 9lb 14oz  boy into her arms.

Keywords: Doula, Birth Photographer, Baton Rouge, home birth