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When my family first moved to Baton Rouge, LA at the end of summer 2013, I needed to rebuild my business in a new city.  I ran a special for Fresh48 sessions and April Blackburn was the first to reply and book a session with me.   April’s session really stands out because I got lost and ended up being late!  I was so stressed and worried; this was my first client in a new town and I was screwing it up!    The session went great and April loved her images.  I also know April through our local online Facebook groups and attending several of our Baton Rouge ICAN meetings together.  See her Fresh48 session here:  



This past weekend, the Blackburn family received some terrible news.   On August 21, sweet Laina, was diagnosed with Pre B Cell Leukemia. She is undergoing treatment at Children’s Hospital of New Orleans.  They live about 2 hours from Children’s Hospital New Orleans, no family locally and Laina has an older brother as well. Their needs will be significant and they will need support and prayers.







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  • Book a session with me: Until Laina is better, I will be giving the Blackburn family 40% from all Fresh48 and Birth sessions booked. I will also be holding 30 minute mini sessions soon with 100% of proceeds going to the family.




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Read more about PreB Cell Leukemia here:


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  1. The Blackburn family is in my thoughts and prayers. You’re doing a wonderful thing for them Jen.