Which Photography Session do I Book?  | Baton Rouge, LA Birth Doula and Photographer

Which Photography Session do I Book? | Baton Rouge, LA Birth Doula and Photographer

So you know you are wanting to hire a professional photographer, but which session do you choose?!  I’m here to break down the different types for you. 


Birth Photography

Birth photography sessions are a one shot deal, no do-overs.  As a birth photographer, I stay on-call for you just as a doula or midwife would.  We will have one casual prenatal visit to go over exactly what shots you are wanting photographed, what images you do not want photographed, and any special moments with family or friends you’d like.  We discuss your current and previously – if any – pregnancy history, to help guide when I should join you in labor or adjust my on-call times. While we always hope your birth will go exactly as you’d like, emergency situations are also discussed so that I can capture as much as possible and within your comfort limits.




Fresh48 Photography

Fresh48 sessions take place within 48 hours of birth during daytime hours.  Many parents want professional photos of their new baby to share as soon as possible, but aren’t comfortable with a photographer present at birth and Fresh48 sessions are perfect.  They are shot as a lifestyle session and capture parents bonding and feeding, and changing baby.  If there are other family members present, some photos are taken with them, but the main focus is baby, lasting about an hour.





Newborn Session Photography 

Newborn sessions take place typically before baby meets 14 days old in your home.  Newborn sessions are posed, lifestyle, or a mix of both and will sometimes involve a few shots with parents or siblings, lasting about 2-3 hours.