Rebozo, What’s That? | Baton Rouge, LA Birth Doula and Photographer

Rebozo, What’s That? | Baton Rouge, LA Birth Doula and Photographer

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If you have had a consult with me or have been a client of mine, you’ve heard about the rebozo.  So, what is it? A rebozo is a Mexican and South American garment worn by women, to represent significant points and stages in their lives.  Along with wearing it as a garment, midwives have also been using rebozos for centuries to aid women in childbirth.  It can be used in relaxation techniques, providing comfort in pregnancy, soothing abdominal muscles to allow baby to get themselves into an optimal position, and as a grounding for mom during labor and delivery.  I’ve even utilized the rebozo for relaxation techniques  for mothers during cesarean birth prep and breastfeeding difficulties.

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Continuing education is a vital part of me being a doula and I really wanted to see what this thing was after hearing about it so much.  I initially took Gena Kirby’s workshop in New Orleans so that I had one more ‘tool’ I could add to my bag.  Little did I know how much of an impact this simple piece of cloth would have in my doula practices and overall outlook in doula care.  I had heard over and over that we could just use a sheet to accomplish the same techniques, and while this is true, I find a sheet a lot more cumbersome and than a rebozo, which is so much more than what it seems.

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As part of my doula services, clients receive a  comfort measures prenatal visit where we review comfort measures and relaxation techniques with and without the rebozo.  Some clients are reluctant to see how a rebozo works.  However, they find it very useful once I share how to utilize it.  Some have enjoyed it so much, they suggest I share relaxation techniques during consultations!  Many of my clients will  utilize a rebozo in early labor at home and a bit more once they have arrived at the hospital.

Not a doula client?  Not a problem!  I offer private visits to provide comfort measures to you and your partner in the later stages of pregnancy, learn more here.

Growing up in Southern California, my family would spend a lot of time in the Baja California Peninsula. I would see women using a wrap for carrying their babies or items on their back, but I never knew it was called a rebozo!  This workshop brought back a flood of memories from my childhood and I no longer saw the rebozo as just another piece of fabric or another tool for my bag.

Gena does offer online training to parents, but if you can attend a workshop near you, DO IT!  Buy a rebozo here

Recognizing When We Need Help

In light of the recent tragedy in CA, I would like to share a very short article on the differences of postpartum disorders. Please take the time to click on the links within the article.

MOMS — So much of the time we all want to be the do-it-all-mom and don’t accept help when needed. If you are exhausted and need a break, ASK friends and family, IT’S OKAY. If you feel like something isn’t right, REACH OUT. Talk to another mom, contact your doula (we don’t abandon you after birth 😉 ), pump a bottle, have dad feed baby, and go back to bed. Sit outside or in front of a window, get your daily dose of SUNSHINE!  Please remember that postpartum disorders are not always immediate, sometimes it can take months for symptoms to show.  You grew a baby for 9-10 months and your hormones changed a lot, it’s going to take some time to adjust back to ‘normal’.

You are preparing for so much leading up to your birth, but so many do not think beyond that and is why I really encourage my clients to do a postpartum plan. Even though the questions seem trivial and silly, it makes a HUGE difference to have a plan in place. Not having to worry about the everyday tasks really alleviates pressure off of YOU. Who will do the laundry (huge if you’re having a c-section), what kind of meals will you prepare or will you have meals brought to you? Will family/friends visit? When will you take care of YOU (shower, get dressed, brush your teeth/hair)?

FAMILY & FRIENDS offer GENUINE help. Watch to see if mom is struggling, is she overly tired or anxious? Fears that seem beyond normal? Is she getting good food? Hydrated? Sleep? Babies are awesome, but they need good, strong, and healthy mamas. SO TAKE CARE OF THEM AND LISTEN TO THEIR CONCERNS!