Intro to Becoming a Doula

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So, you really want to become a doula. It’s this amazing and wornderul thing you can do to serve others, but how?

You have many questions, as many opinions, and there are so many doula certification organizations to train through (if you even want to certify). You can go solo, into a partnership, or even an agency. There are agreements, payments, and don’t forget your personal life! There is so much to explore and navigate, and I want to help you get started with that.

Meetings will take place at Mint Health in the Woman’s physicians building
500 Rue de la Vie, Suite 401
Baton Rouge, LA 70817


Next class dates:
  • February 12th, 9:45a – 11:45a
  • March 11th, 9:45a – 11:45a