Birth Doula

Learn more about hiring a doula to provide you and your family with informational, emotional, and physical support.


Hire a birth photographer to capture this once in a lifetime event, allowing your partner and family to be be in the images instead of behind the camera!


Replenish the energy and nutrients you lost during pregnancy, and encapsulate your placenta!

Childbirth Education

Wanting help creating a birth plan and learning comfort measures, but don’t want a birth doula? This is the service for you!

My husband and I gave birth to our first baby this past April, and we couldn’t have done it without Jennifer’s help at My Doula Heart! She took the time in her prenatal visits to make sure my husband and I were prepared mentally and physically for the labor to come. The comfort measures she showed my husband and I were a lifesaver! I firmly believe it is because of her support and advice that I was able to labor at home for as long as I did, and a short labor at the hospital; which is what I wanted! We also enjoyed her photography services! – Kim

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